Apple becomes #1 American Company – hits $1Trillion worth

This milestone was conquered on Thursday, August 3, 2018, when Apple’s share price topped to $207.39 at the day end.

Accounting for 4% of the S&P 500, Apple’s stock market value surpasses the capitalization of AT&T, Exxon Mobil, and P&G, combined.

The irony is that Apple was on the verge of getting bankrupt in 1997, no one would have ever thought that a company striving to survive would set guidelines for others.

The pages turned upside down when the then co-founder, late Steve Jobs, cut a third of his workforce and took the company towards accomplishments. It depicts that the success depends on smart decisions. Wise strategies have the capability to take you to the sky when you’re about to die.

Interestingly, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that a market value of $1 Trillion was not an objective of the company, rather it’s just the result of focusing on providing ultimate value to its customers, keeping up with the innovation and delivering products that set the market trends.

What does the CEO have to say?

In the memo to more than 120,000 employees, Tim said,

Financial returns are simply the result of Apple’s innovation, putting our products and customers first, and always staying true to our values

Definitely, exposing the market to a series of unrivaled product has led Apple to become the market leader. Two decades ago, Apple was struggling with the turmoil of failure when Steve Jobs re-imagined that how and what products should be put forward for the revitalization of Apple.

That was the time when they witnessed a glimpse of improvement. Holding on the pace, 2001 was the year when Apple introduced the iPod and changed people’s perception of music players.

iPod 6th generation is the latest model of the series, released in 2015 and rumors. More than 400 million units of iPod have been sold making the success of the product evident.

iPod was a proof of the capabilities of the company, it was a hint that there is a lot more to come. The release of Apple’s iPhone in the year 2007 was an eye opener for the customers.

It had completely changed the concept of a mobile. More than 1.4 billion iPhones have been sold along with other Apple products contributing in the journey of Apple from rags to riches – making it a $1 Trillion worth company.

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