B2B E-commerce Trends

B2B E-Commerce Trends for 2019-2020

The growth of e-commerce in the past few years is sufficient enough to anticipate the smashing levels of online sales in the year 2019. Not only Business to Customer B2C, but Business to Business B2B e-commerce has also shown great progress. Which is why B2B e-commerce trends would touch new heights of technological advancements in the year 2019-2020.

The distances in the B2B marketplace have shortened due to digitalization. Business to business commerce has revolutionized now. The digital presence has made it possible for businesses to achieve record-breaking sales levels.

As per Forrester’s latest report, B2B e-commerce sales would reach $1.8 trillion and 17% of all the sales in the B2B marketplace would be conducted online by the year 2023.

Considering the current B2B e-commerce development and progress, Mayabytes has discussed a few B2B e-commerce trends anticipated to emerge in 2019-2020.

New customers through B2B e-commerce:

Previously, B2B website development was meant only to cater the existing customers. Taking orders by the existing clientele, resolving queries of customers, and replacements were the major responsibilities of the B2B e-commerce platforms.

But things are taking a new turn. B2B sellers are now focusing to grab new customers through their e-commerce websites.

Alibaba is a great example of this. You might have seen the advertisements from Alibaba on your Facebook newsfeed, which were not run online a few years ago.

Revolutionized B2B e-commerce platforms:

Upgrades in the B2B e-commerce platforms are anticipated which will provide with seamless buying experience to the buyers.

Previously, the B2B sellers had to use third-party plug-ins to make online selling possible. But now the sellers are becoming more customer-centered.

They are integrating the latest B2B e-commerce development technology allowing the buyers to manage their accounts and payment procedures without any fatigue.

Through the latest B2B e-commerce solutions, the buyers will also be able to get the quote for their orders instantly as they select their products to purchase.

Coping with the latest trends, Mayabytes has hired expert developers on-board to deliver exceptional B2B e-commerce website development services.

No use of product catalogs:

In 2013, 69% of the B2B merchants said that they might stop printing the product catalog within 5 years. B2B sellers are adopting new ways to explore more business in the existing industry.

The dissemination or display of their portfolio/catalogs through B2B e-commerce portals is easier than the physical catalog books.

Through this, they could reach out to more number of customers. This would also improve the buyer-seller relationship as the potential buyers queries would be resolved then and there through the website.

If the industry fully adapted to this change, this would be among the most groundbreaking B2B e-commerce trends.

Be an Omni-channel seller through mobile applications:

Almost everyone uses a smartphone these days. So much so that 63.5% of the total e-commerce sales are projected to be conducted via mobile phone this year.

Therefore, the integration of mobile application in the B2B e-commerce development would be prevalent in the coming years.

Conducting B2B e-commerce drives around 40% of the total revenue for the leading businesses. This shows how critical a mobile application is for increasing business revenues.

In addition, we suggest you integrate all the possible selling channels to experience growth and expansion. Therefore, getting developed a mobile application from the experts at Mayabytes would certainly increase your profitability.

Apple Inc, Exxon Mobil Corp, and Microsoft Corp are the current examples following the B2B e-commerce trends.

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