How to start you business with application development

How android application helps us in starting a business

How to start business with android application :

Application development is the trendiest happening around the world, the success of mobile applications is evident from the download statistics on Google Play Store. You would surely be understating the power of application development if you neglect the stats of few of the top downloaded android applications.

  • Google Drive 1 Billion downloads
  • Youtube 1 Billion downloads
  • Subway Surfers 1 Billion downloads
  • Candy Crush Saga 500 Million downloads
  • Zedge 100 Million downloads
  • Ted 10 Million downloads

If you are a tech-adept and you know how to play with programming scripts and frameworks, then application development would be the best option that you can pursue as a business.

On an average, people spend 3.5 to 4 hours/day on their smartphones. What do they do?

It’s the applications that keep them engaged, and of course, the applications are not confined to just gaming. There was a time when games were considered to be something grand and were enlisted at the top positions in application development. Things have changed now! The social networking applications and the e-commerce applications have taken over the charge.

Application development has become a genuine business. Corporate leaders demand technology to be incorporated into their businesses, and they step into the digital world through application development. If you hold the rope of Android applications, then success would be inevitable to you.

How to get started?

Let’s get to the business now. In this article, you’ll be served with the steps covering comprehensive details on how to initiate application development as a business.

Idea – The perception :

It all starts with an idea. Application development business is not something atypical. Like other businesses, you need to have an idea and an objective. You can exert your efforts in the right direction only if you have an idea and an unassailable strategy.

Search the market and observe the trends :

Research is the core contributing factor to the success of any business. Particularly, for such a progressively dynamic field like application development, you need to study the market and the latest trends to ensure your survival as a new entrant. You cannot blindly start working on your idea, you need to understand what is the latest technology is and what is the current demand in the market.

Search for the top trending apps, study their statistics and user reviews, go deep into their UI/UX design and development, and observe the functionality that the top apps offer to their users. That is how you get started with application development.

It is said that well begun is half done, and you can only initiate well when you have conducted a thorough research and identified that what exactly the clients need.

Choose the platform – Android, iOS, or Windows :

If you are a millennial, then you must have encountered Symbian phones a decade ago. If we talk about the years 2000 to 2012, the developers had to choose from Symbian, Windows, Android, or iOS. The options contracted to Windows, Android, and iOS after the year 2012. Now, the platforms for application development have been further downsized which has proved to be favorable for the developers.

You now have a more precise direction to opt for, you may choose between Android and iOS as a platform for your application development career. Make sure to go through the statistics before opting for the platform.

According to Statista, the annual downloads of Google Play were 114 billion in 2017, while the App Store rested at 30 billion downloads per annum. The downloads depict the customer reach of any platform, the farther the reach, the better business growth and profit levels.

Therefore, Android is a better platform because it has a much bigger pool of users than iOS. In addition, you get the opportunity of incorporating advertisements if you opt for Android as an application development platform. This would further escalate the revenues and lead the business towards growth.

Design and Development – the core phase :

Design and development are the most crucial pillars on which application development rests. If an exceptional design is supported by a poor development, then, believe me, it would not work at all. Design and development phase has to be collectively powerful to retain customers on your applications.

If your aim is to pursue a long-term business, then you must hire a team of permanent designers and developers who are expert in Android development. Application development requires services in intervals, once the application has been developed, it requires updates, bug fixes, app redesign, and maintenance as the technology advances with time.

Designers and developers must have technical knowledge of the programming languages, scripts, frameworks, and development tools like Android Studio, Fabric, Flow Up, etc. You need to have a team of tech adepts to develop glitch free applications that provide the users with ultimate functionality and indelible experience. Then only you can achieve milestones in application development.

Marketing :

Once you are well equipped with an adroit team, you need to devise a marketing strategy. You need to consult expert marketers to make your application known to the world. There are numerous marketing tools and platforms through which you may market your applications.

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Telecommunication marketing
  • Digital media marketing
  • Print media marketing

Currently, there is a wild competition in the field of application development, an extraordinary application is not enough to survive and sustain the growth. It is mandatory to have a foolproof marketing strategy targeting the most relevant audience so that you may taste the success.

It’s not a piece of cake to excel in application development in such a competitive environment. If you want to secure a permanent portion of the users’ mobile storage, then you ought to allocate your resources efficiently and adopt the most effective marketing tools and channels.

Trending categories for android application development :

In order to minimize the start-up complications in application development, step into few of the categories that have the highest scope and serve as the problem solvers for the users.

  • Hotel/Restaurant booking applications
  • Health monitoring applications
  • Bookmarking/database maintenance applications
  • Music applications
  • eBooks applications

If you plan diligently, considering the risks and setbacks, and bringing technically sound personnel, then application development would prove to be the most lucrative business for you.

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