Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Digital marketing unquestionably dominates the other forms of marketing in achieving business goals.

Businesses need to execute marketing strategies effectively to increase the demand for their products. And truly speaking, digital marketing tools let the businesses do it in the most favorable manner.

Being a leading digital marketing agency, Mayabytes has analyzed some of the most prevalent digital marketing trends in 2019.

If you’re struggling to overcome your marketing challenges, follow these digital trends explained below, understand them and then establish an infallible marketing strategy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now everywhere. Previously business operations were carried out by AI, but now it’s establishing its grounds as a new marketing trend in the digital industry as well.

The sources even say that AI would take over the world’s simpler jobs at least in the upcoming years.

As per Gartner, by the year 2020, almost 25% of the customer support services would be handled by the chatbots. This number was lower than 2% in 2017

Artificial Intelligence extracts the data from search engines (through users’ search patterns), social media platforms, and other various forums. Then it analyzes the consumers’ behavior through the fetched data.

This would assist the digital marketing agencies in better customer segmentation, better retargeting and remarketing, and in sending effective push notifications. Plus the chatbots are already helping businesses in customer retention with improved and instant customer support.

Omnichannel Marketing

Previously, the digital marketing companies utilized various platforms to market the products and services of their clients, this was termed as multi-channel marketing.

But Omnichannel marketing is now replacing multichannel marketing and is among the new marketing trends in 2019. Both are similar but the omnichannel marketing is more universal and more connected.

For example, you may use social media to generate leads and drive the customers to your website. Then you may send them e-mails to nurture and convert those leads into actual sales.

In this way, the omnichannel marketing reinforces your online advertisement strategies by creating marketing touchpoints on every possible platform that your customers use.

Following are some of the channels;

  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Mobile applications
  • Blogs/articles
  • Offline advertisements

All these channels can be connectively used to enhance the conversion rate and to increase profitability.

Programmatic Advertising

It’s quite impossible for a team of marketers to track multiple ad campaigns for multiple clients running on multiple advertising channels.

To ease this process, programmatic advertising has emerged as a current marketing trend.

Programmatic advertising uses AI to automate algorithmic buying, placement, and optimization of the ads through a bidding system

The major benefit of programmatic advertising is that it occurs in real-time and integrates various filters for better segmentation of the target audience.

This makes digital marketing more efficient, yields the desirable results, improves the conversion rate and lowers the CPA – Cos per Acquisition.

SEO A/B Split Testing

SEO A/B Split Testing has also made its place among the recent trends in marketing. Like the typical A/B split testing, SEO A/B split testing also allows the marketers to individually test the variables to monitor the increasing traffic with each variable.

SEO A/B split testing reduces the costs, improves the effectiveness of the SEO strategies, and allows the marketers to implement a targeted approach to content by isolating the variables and using the ones that drive the maximum traffic.

Video Marketing

It was once said that a picture speaks more than words.

The digital marketing experts at Mayabytes have something better to say – “a video communicates far more effectively than a picture”

As per the reports of Cisco, 82% of the traffic would be driven by videos by the year 2022. You can anticipate it even now. Video platforms are extensively being used for digital marketing and favorably, customers are more inclined towards videos than any other form of content.

YouTube, being the 2nd largest search engine, has provided the marketers with an indispensable forum to create their brand awareness and product promotions.

Millions of hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day and a great proportion of those videos contains the content of the brand conveying their message to their prospects.

This is how inevitably video marketing falls under the digital advertising trends for 2019.

If you’re still unable to drive the traffic that you have always aimed for, then you must be implementing an ineffective marketing strategy.

Talk to the digital marketing executives at Mayabytes, have your business analyzed, and let the experts devise a marketing plan to bring growth and success to your business.

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