Graphics Design Trends in 2019

In a world full of vivid colors and designs, wouldn’t it be unfair if we stay drab? The graphics design trends have gone too far to a whole new level. Even the monochromatic schemes work great when met with superior graphics designing skills of today.

We believe that adaptation to the latest trends is necessary to be at the top in the market. Therefore, getting hands on the newest graphics design trends has been a culture of Mayabytes.

The year 2018 has been full of creativity and innovations in logo design, graphics design, and info-graphics trends. Let’s see how the trends are anticipated to progress in the year 2019.

Here are a few graphics and brand identity trends that will lead in the upcoming year. Some of them are already being extensively used by the Mayabytes web and app design services.

Gradients (color transitions) and Duotones will maintain their demand

Gradients (color transitions) and Duotones will maintain their demand

Among the favorites of Mayabytes designers, gradients have made a comeback with the evolution of flat and semi-flat designs.

Gradients have been a popular graphics design trend for the past few years. The cover pages and logo designs were considered incomplete without the touch of gradients.

Now, they have again begun to immensely influence the business websites and featured images trends. Gradients also work great in collaboration with duotones, among various color palettes, blue and purple is one of the most common implementations of gradients and duotones.

The expertise of our web and app designers in the gradients and duotones is evident from the designs that have be yet made for the clients.

They are anticipated to progress and lead the design trends in 2019 as they now are recognized as duotone gradients.

Vivid colors

Vivid colors

Grabbing the attention of most of the audience is something that the brands strive for. Poster and flyer trends are moving towards more lively and loud colors.

Specifically, the brand identity trends are shifting towards more intense hues that depict futuristic feel for their products and services.

Even the products (mainly the gadgets and apparel) are appearing in eye-catching colors and interestingly, they are being accepted by the consumers.

Noticing these shifts, the graphics design trends are anticipated to take a turn towards more vivid colors in the future.

Atypical design layouts

Sarasota Web Design

The designers are moving ahead of the typical grid-centered designs and are exploring the whole frame of the web or app page.

To be more unpredictable, the graphic design trends are adopting asymmetrical layouts and leaving behind square-based designs. Info-graphic trends have chiefly moved towards asymmetrical designs in the past few months.

The use of atypical shapes in the logo design trends and the web and app design layouts amaze and attract the customers. These designs increase their curiosity to explore more about the brand.

Breaking the traditions, atypical design layouts are anticipated gain popularity in the year 2019.

3D designs

3D designs

3D designs have greatly dominated the year 2018 and are anticipated to lead in 2019 as well.

Though the flat and semi-flat designs have not fully overcome yet, the 3D designs have gained immense popularity. This shift is turning into the favor of mainly logo design trends and web and app design layouts.

Pop-up designs are more prevalent in 3D designs. The objects appear to be emerged out of the base which makes it irresistible for the viewers to turn eyes from them.

Innovations of the modern era are bringing images closer to reality. This is the reason why graphics and logo design trends are more inclined towards adopting the 3D design layouts.

Open Composition / Floating designs

Many designers tend to go beyond limitations while experimenting to bring something new. We, at Mayabytes also walk an extra mile to provide our clients with the best of our web and app design services.

The open composition is another graphics design trend that is popularly noticed in various fields and industries.

These designs are often vague, unleashed and the objects in the images are not in order. Business and the corporate world do not majorly adopt these designs. Posters and flyers, featured images trends and info-graphic trends have been noticed to be moved by these designs.

A few years ago, designers tried to keep everything aligned with a suited color palette. But in open composition, the objects, instead, float in the air and they are not fully exposed. The objects are placed in a way to keep curiosity maintained in the viewers. Each piece shows only a part of the whole design.

This is another graphic design trend which is anticipated to grow in 2019. Instead of rigidity and limitation of the frame, the designers are inclined towards the loose and free environment.

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