Face up the Innovative Trends in the Web Development 2018

Face up the innovative trends in the web development 2018

Face up the Innovative Trends in the Web Development 2018

The world has been witnessing technological advancementssince the birth of technology.
Every realm is going through the phases of improvement and advancements. Similarly, the marvels introduced in the area of web development are as follows;

Single Page Application (SPA) :Technology is all about consuming minimum time and being responsive to the highest degree. . Single page applications have turned out to be the most time-saving applications. Though the SPA runs in a browser, it doesn’t need the page to reload, the page continues to scroll and all the data is loaded on the same page. There is no concept of a new page in SPAs, even if you click on a link or an image, it steers you to a new URL and the page remains in the same position in the background. Facebook is the best example of a Single Page Application.

Live Chats – Artificial Intelligence :It had become a hassle for the companies to entertain the queries of all the customers effectively. Customers support was getting mediocre, and businesses were losing clients until this prodigious feature was introduced. The artificially intelligent bots facilitate the dubiety of the customers in real-time. Customers get immediate responses due to which they feel valued, and the clientele is retained.

Progressive Web Application (PWA) :Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) allow the users to experience all the features that a native app could provide. It has now been made convenient for the users to have the pleasure of extreme functionality of web applications from within the browser. For example – Offline homepage loading, offline working and sending push notifications.

Motion UI : Motion UI is the lightweight transitional graphical representation of the objects to catch the eyes of the users and to deliver the message with minimum time consumption. It makes even a small website look grand, GIF animations are a similar example to Motion UI. Motion UI is an all in one library of numerous transition effects to cater to the animation and enable the smoothest running of the animation.

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) : Being sponsored by Google, AMPs enable the instant display of any search result as compared to the regular landing pages. AMPs are challenging and complicated to implement but are an effective tool to trigger profitability for the businesses. They enhance the user experience to a great extent and stimulate the speed of the site and improve the performance of the web content.

Real-time Webb Apps :These applications have become a necessity for this era. Real-time web apps, , within a blink of an eye, transmit the data to the server and then to the user on the other hand to whom the message was designated. There’s an open connection between the user and the server, and the client is not needed in between to ask for the information.

E-Commerce: E-commerce is a drastic advancement in the web development, businesses have maximized their reach to the customers, enlarged the circle of their clientele and enhanced their purview in the market. Various e-commerce platforms have enabled the businesses to have this pleasure availed. Wix.com, Woocommerce, Magento, and Shopify are few of the e-commerce platforms . E-commerce is definitely one of the most trendy innovations possessing the undeniable importance in web development.

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