Learn how important your website page speed is for better Google ranking. Take your website performance test today and integrate page speed optimization!

The Importance of Website Page Speed for Google Nowadays

When it comes to the performance of a website or a mobile application, speed is all that matters!

No doubt, your website page speed holds significant importance in providing a better user experience, but there’s more to it that you are still unaware of!

Your website speed hampers Google ranking!

Yes, you read it right!

Google takes your page loading time into consideration and ranks your pages according to the speed they deliver.

Here how your average page load time affects SEO and Google ranking.

Importance of website page speed for Google

Page speed optimization is one of the major techniques that yield favorable SEO results.

Google has already notified that your website page speed is one of the 200 signals used by its algorithm to rank website pages.

You’ll be surprised to know that the slow speed of your pages will negatively affect your indexation. Google sends a reduced number of crawlers if your server is slower than 2-3 seconds.

It means that no matter how much SEO efforts you put in, if your website is slow, you’ll never attain the Google ranking you desire.

Therefore, you need to take the website performance test today and evaluate your website with Google PageSpeed Insights.

If you need a better solution, talk to the SEO experts at Mayabytes today! Get your website page speed optimized to have the desired Google ranking.

Other reasons why your website page speed is important in 2019

To improve your conversion rate

Around 40% of your visitors would leave your website if it took more than 3 seconds to load.

Yes! That’s how critical your website speed is!

Slower web pages significantly increase your users’ bounce back rate resulting in a decreased conversion rate.

Amazon conducted the tests and page speed analysis that showed that if their average page-load time is decreased by just 1 second, their annual sales would drop by $1.6 billion

So, to increase your conversion rate and to upsurge your sales level, you need better page speed optimization. Which you can achieve after having a session with Mayabytes digital marketing experts.

To enhance the user experience

Your website speed is one of the major elements of your UX design. The users of today’s age demand websites with optimum performance.

They have become impatient. Every smart device and the applications running those devices are so stunningly fast that they expect the websites as well to run at the speed of light.

Therefore, to provide your visitors with the best user experience, you need to focus on 2 things.

1st – deliver the relevant content that the users seek in your website
2nd – provide with the speed that they expect from your website.

That’s the reason why you need to prioritize your website page speed.

To save your referral traffic and credibility

Ever heard of word-of-mouth? It’s the most effective marketing because the customers coming through the word-of-mouth have nearly finalized their purchase decision.

An optimized website builds your credibility and compels the users to refer your website to others as well. This is how the word-of-mouth works.

But if you’re website performs poorly, it’ll disseminate negative reviews about your website in the market. People will stop referring your websites and you’ll stop getting backlinks to your pages as well.

Hence, in the long-run, the positive image of your brand will diminish.

Therefore, it’s high time you conduct a website speed test to stabilize your steps in the digital world.

Save your resources and get in touch with Mayabytes today!

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