How to get 50K traffic on your website

How to get 50K traffic on your website

50K traffic on your website

SEO is doubtlessly one of the few most searched terms on the internet these days. It has transformed the concept of digital marketing and has provided with an economical yet effective marketing tactic. But what actually SEO is? Let’s discuss it on an elementary level before diving into technicalities.

SEO is an unpaid marketing strategy which enhances the online visibility of a web page or a website in a search engine’s results. It increases the number of visitors a web page attains by ranking it in the earlier results of the search engine. SEO is a technique for driving organic or natural traffic towards the focused web page or website. Better visibility leads to more traffic, which eventually increases the number of customers.

The technicalities of SEO

SEO is based on the algorithms of search engines. Algorithms are the coding behind every page on the search engines. The engines gather information from every single page on the internet by crawling and convert them into meaningful search results for the users through algorithms. To make SEO effective, you need to incorporate the elements in your website that search engines need to turn the results in your favor through the algorithm.

Elements that make SEO effective are;

  • Words/Content – Make sure to insert such words or content that your website actually offers. This redirects the searchers to your website. These are also known as keywords.
  • Heading/Titles – Search engines filter out the content and focus on headings and titles that your webpage has. Titles help search engines in identifying your page and bringing it in the search result.
  • Links – links depict that the page content has additional information which seems worthwhile to the search engines. Make sure to insert links to valuable or credible websites otherwise search engines would declare them as spam.
  • Record and reputation – if your website consistently provides with new, original, authentic and valuable content, the search engines would regard your website and rank it in the earlier search results.

You need to pay keen attention to the fact that excess of any of the above elements will negatively affect SEO. Content unnecessarily stuffed with the words or links will appear deceptive and will be invalidated by the search engines, this is known as Black Hat SEO. On the contrary, White Hat SEO is a technique consists of reliable information from credible sources which proves to be useful for the searcher. Black Hat SEO eventually gets banned while White Hat gets approved from the search engines.

How to improve SEO?

Remember, if you consider yourself an SEO expert, then you would probably end up losing new techniques emerging in the field. There always is room for improvement in every area, take notes to improve the effectiveness of your SEO;

  • Focus on White Hat SEO

As discussed above, white hat SEO incorporates high-quality authentic content avoiding cheap tricks of stuffing the pages with the keywords. It follows the search engine guidelines and refrains from misguiding the searcher, which help to rank the page organically. The links added are more often to the external sources, providing valuable information rather than deceiving readers by redirecting them to own website.

  • Watch your content

Valid and original content is the key to successful SEO, irrelevant or duplicate content will not work for more than one time. The content must provide with fresh and unique information which could be useful for the reader. If you continue to adopt these cheap tactics, then your website would soon get banned on the internet.

  • Strengthen your grip on the keywords

Keywords play a game-changing part in SEO. All the competition is for the traffic, the one who grabs the most wins the competition. Search for the most relevant keywords with the minimum difficulty level and work on them, incorporate them in your web pages and see the magic. You may get the right keywords from any keyword finder website. The search engine algorithm goes through the content to find the keywords and includes the content in the search result. If you have cleverly inserted your keywords, then get ready for the higher ranking.

  • Link building

Link building is a process of supporting your content with the links to external credible sources. There are two types of links you can add to your content – Internal links and External links. Internal links redirect the reader on another page within your website domain while external links redirect the reader to another website on the internet. If you insert a link to a higher ranked website, then the chances of your content to be elevated are increased. If the search engine’s crawling detects that your content has a link to a credible site, then it would value your content over many other run-of-the-mill contents on the internet. The SEO will then produce favorable results and will pull maximum traffic.

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