10 Facts about YouTube’s Algorithms

10 Facts about YouTube Algorithms


If you have even the slightest idea of digital marketing, then you must have heard of SEO. SEO is driving internet traffic by optimizing the search engine using relevant keywords and phrases.
Just like the algorithms of Google’s SEO, YouTube also has its algorithms and ranking criteria that you need to understand to obtain higher YouTube ranking.

With over millions of hours of videos being released every day, how does YouTube manage to show what you want to watch?

It might appear as a magic trick for a layman, but actually, there’s a complete mechanism for it at the back end known as YouTube algorithms
Putting it in a simple way, YouTube search analytics and the channel keywords guide YouTube to show what the users want to watch.
To mold this algorithm to your favor, you need to master YouTube Search Engine Optimization. Or simply hire a digital marketing expert from Mayabytes!

To be honest, the 2nd option is much better.
Well, we’ll not dive into the details for how the YouTube SEO works.
We are about to discuss some facts about YouTube’s algorithms that might help you up your video marketing !

Facts about YouTube Algorithms

#1- YouTube algorithm code consists of more than a million lines which keep on changing every now and then. To achieve high ranking, you need to stay alert to the YouTube changes and learn and implement the updates as soon as they are released.

#2- The videos are no longer ranked on their view count; otherwise no one would be able to watch new videos. The videos are now ranked based on the watch time. Watch time is the aggregate time that the viewers spend on your videos.

#3- Your video title plays a decisive role in getting high YouTube ranking. Pay attention to it and opt for a smart title; only around 70 characters appear in the search engine.

#4- YouTube algorithm 2019 uses the video description to rank your content. You are allowed to write a 5000 character-long description. Try to write it wisely using maximum relevant long-tail keywords. YouTube search optimization is still a useful strategy to rank videos.

*Remember, stuffing the description with the keywords falls under Black Hat SEO, so refrain from it.

#5- The video quality immensely contributes to your ranking! Higher quality videos create more engagement, and the algorithm detects it through various metrics. A 1080p or 720p video is more likely to rank higher than a 360p or 480p one.

#6- YouTube search algorithm prefers channels that are topic-specific. If the videos on your channel revolve around one topic, there are more chances of it to get high ranking. It becomes easy to search a topic-specific your channel.

#7- Just as the word count is important for Google SEO, the video length is also important for YouTube SEO. A detailed video grabs more attention of the algorithm. If your video is of less than 5 minutes, it’s less likely to get a good rating.

#8- To appear in the YouTube search engine, you need to increase the number of your subscribers. Channels with more subscribers rank better. Therefore, you must urge your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

#9- A responsive channel ranks better than the channels that do not interact with the viewers. Start replying to the comments and take feedback from there so that the viewer interaction increases. This greatly assists in improving your YouTube ranking.

#10- The most important one is this; never replicate the videos of other channels. Duplicate content is discouraged by the YouTube algorithm. If the original channel reported you, your channel could be suspended or closed down by YouTube.

YouTube, undoubtedly, is the best video marketing platform these days, but you need to go through the guidelines and YouTube tips to rank your videos.
If you violate YouTube policies, your videos will be deleted and the channel will be shut down.

So, consider the above facts about YouTube’s algorithms to promote your channel and improve your ranking. If you have a corporate channel and you want to get YouTube SEO services, then you must connect with Mayabytes today! The expert digital marketers will amaze you with the results!

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